Out of Despair – providing solutions to break the pathways leading to violent, suicidal and drug-induced deaths of young people

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Out of Despair

Out of Despair focuses on violent, suicidal, and drug-induced deaths and near-miss cases of young people under 30. The examination of these most severe cases yields knowledge that can be used to prevent negative trajectories and to enhance an understanding of how inequality, exclusion, and overall ill-being play out in young peopleʼs lives. The project promotes conditions in which all young people have an opportunity for a meaningful life and no life is wasted. By studying death we gain the capacity to understand life as well as to protect it.


Drug-related deaths

Although risk factors for drug overdose are quite well known, they are mostly based on general or high-risk adult populations. Less is known specifically about young people, and it is important to bridge this knowledge gap. Read more Drug-related deaths

Serious violence

Committing lethal or other serious violence is a drastic turning point for a young person, damaging their lives for a long period – even permanently. Read more Serious violence

Suicidal behavior

Suicidal processes are complex and multifaceted, involving distal and proximal risk and protecting factors, as well as a variety of treatment efforts. Read more Suicidal behavior

Youth as service users

Access to and accessibility of services and support are critical factors for young people. Since drug use, violence, and suicidal behavior are all heavily stigmatized phenomena, young people with those troubles are sensitively attuned to feel whether their worries are properly heard and understood. Read more Youth as service users