WP4 Suicides: risk factors and prevention of suicidal behavior

Suicidal processes are complex and multifaceted, involving distal and proximal risk and protecting factors, as well as a variety of treatment options. The risk factors for suicidality and possible failures in preceding treatment and care can be studied in suicide and suicide attempt populations. Here we analyze in detail the suicides and suicide attempts of young people in a mixed methods setting. We will look for common and typical characteristics and circumstances in suicidal processes for the purposes of better recognition. The aim is to gain a thorough picture of the paths to lethal acts, in search for ways to intervene and prevent these harmful processes. WP4 proceeds from the socioeconomic and other determinants and distal risk factors to the possible network of support and help services that should have the potential to intervene. We also investigate more recent, situational factors for the purposes of improving recognition of these precipitants.

Furthermore, we look for more general environmental factors that may play a role in the suicidal process. The data also includes information about acts of treatment and care preceding the final lethal process. Other data in the Youth Despair project offers insight into political, cultural and environmental factors that may have contributed to these deaths. An analysis of an online chat service (Sekasin Chat) and thematic interviews with experts will allow a more general analysis of opportunities for prevention.

Sami Pirkola

Professor, Tampere University +358 50 318 7267